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APR Monthly payment for $250,000Monthly payment for $500,000
15 Year5.95%$2,102.89$4,205.79
30 Year6.19%$1,529.55$3,059.10
30 Year Refi6.45%$1,571.96$3,143.92
APR Monthly payment for $250,000Monthly payment for $500,000
Loan Amount:
Loan Term:
Interest Rate:
Monthly Payment: $2997.75
Citibank Mortgage Rate Trends

Citibank mortgage rates today range from 5.95% for a 15 year mortgage to 6.45% for a 30 year refinance.
The monthly payment for a $500,000 15 year mortgage would be $4,205.79 while a $500,000 30 year refinance would be $3,143.92.
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APR vs Interest Rate

The rates shown here are APRs which are the annual rates over the life of the loan including all points and loan origination fees. APR indicates the true cost of the loan.
Many mortgage options include prepaying some interest, known as points, which makes the interest rate lower.

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